howling in the dark rolling snowy hills
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Howlhost was officially formed in June of 2016 as the result of several attempts to find a reliable hosting platform in eastern Canada. We wanted something that runs on 100% Canadian servers and catered to our needs as web developers and designers. Through many attempts to find the right solution, it became clear that web hosting as a generic solution is already an oversaturated market, though not necessarily geographically focused. Anyone can find cheap hosting online from foreign mega-hosting providers. Typically, these companies lack any sort of personality or customer focus. Their game is in quantity, not quality.

We strive to make your web hosting experience as painless and care-free as possible. We have enlisted the help of a fully Canadian server provider to manage all our hardware, core software and security needs. We have also the capacity to perform most web related design and development specialties in-house. This allows us to focus more on what you want the web to do for you.

Based in western Labrador, the howl of the pack is as close by as it can be. With hundreds of miles of virtually untouched boreal forest in every direction and some of the harshest cold temperatures on civilized Earth, the pristine and crisp landscape provides a unique and ominous sense of the wild.

To provide great Canadian hosting, design and development to our valued clients at sustainable prices is our directive. Unlike many other hosting service providers, we want to hear from you. Please contact us directly to see how we can help make the web work for you!