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We have extensive experience in database driven web application development including CMS (Content management systems), POS (Point of Sale), and MVC (Model-view-controller) web apps. We also develop more custom solutions.

Custom examples:

  • Work Order Tracking Systems.
  • Construction Part Tracking Systems.
  • Sholesale Inventory Systems.

Although we are fully capable of utilizing other resources, our primary coding focus is on the below technologies:

  • PHP - The tried and true server-side development language of the internet. Still arguably the ongoing king of backend development on the web today.
  • Javascript (jQuery & AJAX) - front-end scripting used to put some of the processing load on the user. These are essential and useful tools for the internet today.
  • MySQL (MariaDB) - Fully capable and scalable Database architecture for any web application.
  • CSS - Essential front-end markup that enhances the visual web.
  • HTML - The bones of the internet since it began. HTML is the foundation of the internet and still the standard structure for any website.

We offer the following web services in development as well***:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Analytics Setup (Google Analytics)
  • Security Certificate setup (https:// secure websites)
  • User friendly/readable URLs ( instead of
  • And many more!!

Whatever you are looking to create, we can help. Contact us now!